About Us

What Is Terror Nerd Gear

  Welcome to Terror Nerd Gear!

This just started out as a hobby. I was just some comic book loving guy who thought it would be cool to make some coasters with comics on them. You’re sitting there thirsty and go to enjoy that nice ice cold refreshing beverage you just poured yourself. You lift the glass up and then BAM! Epic picture of Wolverine smoking a cigar while kicking some punks ass.

Like come on. 

Who wouldn’t love that? That's how Terror Coasters was created!

Then the creative juices kept flowing. My love for comics, anime and video games just lead to designing shirts.  Then that just built into so much more.

What is my goal?

 I got this vision of creating a brand, sharing what I love, that would allow other people to be proud of the comics and characters that they would otherwise be embarrassed to even mention knowing of to most. A vision of community. A family. 

You like Superman?

Cool, welcome.

You think the Penguin is the most badass villain out there?

Alright man.

But you may be reading this and thinking “NERD!!” 

That’s ok.

You can call us nerds. We’re proud of it. Last I checked it was “nerds” who created that 3 hour Avengers movie you watched. You probably even shed a tear or two. So on behalf of all the nerds, you’re welcome.